Sustainability in Flexible Packaging: Your Consumers Care

It’s not uncommon to hear the myth that consumers don’t care about sustainable packaging. However, recent research by McKinsey paints a different picture—one that challenges this assumption and offers a compelling case for the flexible packaging industry to embrace sustainability wholeheartedly.

Consumer Preferences are Shifting

For years, some believed that sustainability was a niche concern, something only a select few consumers cared about. But McKinsey’s findings tell a different story. They reveal a significant shift in consumer preferences, one where sustainability is no longer a distant ideal but a fundamental criterion in their purchasing decisions. It’s clear that consumers care about sustainable packaging, and the flexible packaging industry should take note.

A Competitive Edge for Sustainable Brands

Research highlights that sustainability can be a game-changer for brands. Consumers are not only willing to embrace sustainable products, but they’re also willing to pay more for them. This means that businesses that prioritize sustainability can gain a competitive edge by offering products aligned with these shifting consumer preferences.

Transparency Builds Trust

One key aspect of this shift is the importance of transparency. Consumers want to know where their products come from and how they’re made. Brands that provide this information not only build trust with their customers but also cater to their growing desire for eco-friendly and socially responsible choices.

Embracing Sustainability in Flexible Packaging

So, how can brand owners who use flexible packaging respond to changing consumer attitudes?

  1. Innovative Materials: Invest in eco-friendly materials and technologies that reduce the environmental impact of flexible packaging and support the circular economy. Emmerson Packaging has invested millions into our Research and Development team so we can continually work on developing new packaging formats to satisfy consumer demand.
  2. Recyclable Options: Develop packaging that is easily recyclable, aligning with consumer demands for sustainability. Our innovative team crafted recycle-ready Smart-LAM and SmartSTEAM PE/PE laminates in a recyclable #2 format and will continue to work to come up with sustainable solutions.
  3. Effective Labelling: Add marketing and labeling to your packaging that clearly communicates your commitment to sustainable practices. Emmerson Packaging partners with How2Recycle and is an SGP member. This allows our customers to include these labels on their packaging, free of charge, so consumers can easily tell your packaging supply chain is sustainable.
  4. Collaboration: Collaborate with partners, industry experts, and stakeholders to drive sustainable packaging solutions collectively.
  5. Consumer Education: Educate your brand’s consumers about the environmental benefits of flexible packaging and the impact of their choices.

By embracing sustainability, the flexible packaging industry can cater to the evolving consumer mindset and demonstrate its commitment to both the planet and its customers. Sustainable packaging is not just a trend; it’s a fundamental shift in consumer behavior. Consumers care about sustainable packaging; it’s time to meet their expectations with innovation and dedication.

If you are ready to take action to give your brand the sustainability credentials consumers crave, contact us today!