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SmartProof — The Virtual Press Approval


SmartProof gives you the opportunity to review, comment upon, and approve press pull-ups for new items, without having to be physically present — meaning you can get the ball rolling and get your product on the shelf quicker than ever before!

How Does SmartProof Work?

  • Emmerson Packaging will schedule a job once we receive your signed color proof
  • The press job will be pulled up and matched to the proof or color target
  • Printed samples will be taken to a light booth where a comparison shot between the press pull-up and color target will be captured digitally using a high-quality camera
  • This digital photo will be sent to you for a visual verification of the match between the print sample and color target. Here you have the opportunity to make any corrections and to make sure you are happy with the match
  • The print pull-up is completed on press when the operator believes they have met color, and it is either:
    • Approved by you via email and the job is completed
    • Adjusted on press or via a new separation based on your feedback as per a typical on-site press approval

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