Find the Right Closure for Your Flexible Packaging

Your flexible packaging is only as good as its closure. Consumers want the freshness of the product to last, and they want it to be accessible after opening. By choosing the right closure for the job, you can:

  • Extend the shelf life
  • Reduce waste
  • Add value
  • Provide convenience

There are a variety of closure options that Emmerson Packaging offers that will suit the product and the market.



  • Can be heat-sealed at lower temperatures, creating a more efficient experience for the package converter and improving the package appearance by minimizing the film impression marks
  • Food-compatible


  • Improved and secure closing feeling for users

Top Slider

  • Improved and secure closing feeling for users
  • Adds a premium level of convenience and performance for consumers
  • The slider piece directs the zipper tracks into place and forces the consumer to completely seal a package from one edge to another


  • A pre-zippered fastener that runs on your existing VFFS equipment

360 Zipper

  • Hidden on the inside, giving a neat appearance on the shelf

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