Sustainable Green Printer

Smarter Sustainable Packaging Options

Walk the sustainable walk with a Sustainable Green Printer certified designation on your packaging.

What is Sustainable Green Printer (SGP)?

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Protecting our environment is at the forefront of our minds every day. At Emmerson Packaging, we have a portfolio of sustainable packaging options and everything manufactured in our facilities is done so through sustainable processes.

Can you prove that you are a Sustainable Green Printer?

Emmerson Packaging is proud to be among the 3.6% of North American printers who are certified with the Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Partnership. Prior to the creation of the SGP designation, any printer could claim to be “green” without proof of process to back it up. Becoming an SGP certified printer is a lengthy process that involves developing and continuously improving an internal sustainability policy, and conducting audits of our operations. It requires a year-round effort and a firm commitment to constant improvement. SGP certified printers must be recertified every two years, and we’ve been an SGP certified printer since 2011.

What is SGP Partnership?

The Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Partnership is the leading accrediting body in the United States and Canada that designates qualifying printers as being part of the sustainable elite. 

By partnering with an SGP-certified printer, you can add the SGP certification to your packaging at no additional cost, showing potential customers that you’re committed to environmentally sustainable business practices — adding value to your brand.

We help our customers reach their sustainability goals as an environmentally responsible part of their supply chain, promoting full transparency and accountability. Reach your energy and water consumption goals by improving sustainable sourcing practices through your supply chain. Find out the true impact your sustainable packaging choice will have on the environment with our interactive comparison tool. Calculate your results now.