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Calculate Your Cost of Missing Product Launch Deadlines

Missing product launch deadlines put your profit margin at risk in both the short and long term. Use our interactive tool to calculate your cost of missing a product launch deadline.

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We don’t just deliver premium flexible packaging—we deliver on your business plan with project management solutions to help you succeed.

Some packaging suppliers simply don’t fit into their client’s supply chain, acting more as a risk to mitigate instead of a trusted partner. Choosing the wrong supplier means that you’re constantly at risk of missing deadlines and having communication issues. Your company’s success depends on a bulletproof supply chain, so we’ve designed our workflow to ensure that every packaging project we undertake is delivered on time and on budget using sophisticated project management solutions.

  • New Product Launch Support

    Growth in the ultra-competitive food market means hitting aggressive deadlines, with more and more SKUs launching every year. We understand just how much you need to juggle to ensure you’re getting the right product in the right place at the right time.

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  • Speed To Market

    One missed launch date could cost your brand tens of thousands of dollars (or more), not to mention, a lack of credibility within your organization. Our in-house, vertically integrated project management team was designed to keep every part of your project on track and ensure you hit your launch targets.

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  • On-Time Guarantee

    We’re proud of our 98+% on-time delivery rate. We offer guarantees on promised delivery dates, with a penalty payable if we don’t meet them.

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  • Inventory Management & Warehousing

    Our strategically located warehouses ensure that your product is always safe and never far from your customers. And, with our individualized customer web portal, you’ll enjoy a seamless service that ensures your product is always in stock.

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  • Distribution & Shipping

    Whether your product is berries picked in California or scallops caught off the coast of Nova Scotia, the end result needs to be the same—a physical product delivered efficiently and safely to your customers. We can help.

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Our New Product Launch Support, Drives Your Success

Getting it right the first time is the most critical component of any packaging project. Our mission is your success, and our industry-leading project management solutions are here to help you achieve it.

Deciding to put your brand in someone else’s hands is a big decision. We’ve invested more than a million dollars over the past few years in our industry-leading project management solutions, and we offer them to our customers free of charge. We’re excited to introduce you to the dedicated team who will handle your brand and your business with the skill and precision that the Emmerson Packaging name represents.

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Every successful project begins with an in-depth and no-obligation discovery call with our business development team. From there, we’ll find the best solution for your product and your brand at large. We’re focused on helping our customers grow and succeed, so let’s talk about your goals and get started.

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