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Getting Your Product to Market On Time, Guaranteed

In today’s competitive environment, Your company’s success depends on a bulletproof supply chain. We’ve designed our workflow to ensure that every packaging project we undertake is delivered on time and on budget using sophisticated project management solutions.

How can we do this? Your project. One central team.

Emmerson Packaging’s Project Central team assigns a dedicated Project Coordinator who will start by putting together a detailed timeline indicating every department and milestone associated with your project.

Your designated Project Coordinator will ensure that artwork, purchase orders, raw material procurement, technical trials, pre-press (which can be done in-house or virtually) and production processes are all scheduled and completed on-time.

Who else is involved?

Our R&D department will suggest technical solutions for your product’s unique needs and can support the optimization of your production lines.

What does this mean for you?

We’re so confident in our ability to deliver your project on time that if you miss a launch date and it’s our fault, we will pay a penalty fee — guaranteed.

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Every successful project begins with an in-depth and no-obligation discovery call with our packaging experts. From there, we’ll find the best solution for your product and your brand at large. We’re focused on helping our customers grow and succeed, so let’s talk about your goals and get started.

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