Frozen Food Packaging Trends for 2018 & Beyond

Consistent Themes for 2018

It’s approaching the time of year for end-of-season lists, so here are our picks for frozen food packaging trends that will have staying power well into 2018.

No matter who you ask or where you look, there are consistent themes in frozen food packaging that seem to pop up everywhere. These are the four trends that we will be keeping an eye on as the year rolls over.

Environmental Sustainability & Reduction of Waste

We know that environmentally-friendly and sustainable packaging is nothing new, but all of the research suggests that this is a movement that continues to gain momentum. Many, if not all, of the major food manufacturers are taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint, and consumers are taking note.

This is good news for frozen food manufacturers, specifically. Research done by Sheffield Hallam University in England suggests that frozen food generates almost 50% less waste when compared to fresh foods consumed in the home. This means that families are able to waste less food and save money, as they’re not throwing away as much food due to spoilage. This is a win-win for today’s savvy consumers.

Emmerson Packaging offers a line of both fully recyclable and fully biodegradable frozen food packaging options—SmartPack™ and SmartPack-BDG™—so you and your consumers can feel good about the products they’re purchasing.

Comfort & Convenience

Frozen food not only saves consumers money by reducing food waste, it also saves time. Today’s families lead increasingly hectic lives. As such, they are always on the look-out for products that are both healthy and cut-down on precious prep-time.

The common misconception with ready-made meals is that they lack the same quality that fresh foods offer. Through research and innovation, frozen food manufacturers are actively trying to combat this stereotype. Frozen food packaging is increasingly designed and manufactured with premium quality in mind. As more consumers come to realize the benefits of frozen food, manufacturers are meeting this demand by creating visually appealing, tactile packaging for their products to enhance public perception and increase appeal.

Emmerson Packaging’s high-quality laminates meet this demand head-on. We also manufacture a completely steamable package option, MicroPack™, which allows to be quickly and safely steamed in the microwave. It’s the perfect combination of convenience for consumers, and quality for manufacturers.

Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches have increased in popularity throughout 2017, and we expect this trend to continue into 2018. This format is especially popular with frozen-food manufacturers, as they don’t just stand upright—they stand out on the shelf with vivid, high-quality graphics.

Stand-up pouches are also lighter than traditional bottles and cans, cost less to produce, are easier to ship and store and are more environmentally-friendly. These features make stand-up pouches a win-win for both manufacturers and consumers . Emmerson Packaging offers a variety of pouch options for frozen food suppliers. Maximize your shelf impact and consumer appeal with this popular format.

Consumer Trust

A recently-released report from Mintel on global food and drink trends for 2018 suggests that there is a general consumer mistrust of food safety throughout manufacturer supply chains. There is heightened awareness of food recalls perpetuated by websites and other media, so farm-to-table transparency is something that families will be looking for, now and in the future.

For frozen food manufacturers, this means increased accountability, and disclosing more specific details regarding their processes will be key. Frozen food packaging will have to meet this new demand through crystal-clear, HD surface printing on high-quality laminates to ensure labels are legible and look professional.

Emmerson Packaging’s Frozen Food Options – Sustainability & Strength

Emmerson Packaging’s frozen food packaging options offer the perfect combination of strength and sustainability that will help you meet the demand of these trends, now and into 2018. Our team of experts will work with you to determine exact requirements for your product, ensuring that all of your exacting standards are met.

At Emmerson Packaging, we take pride in our product safety and innovation capabilities. We’ve built strategic alliances with Rutgers University and other leading labs to complement our onsite expertise to ensure that whatever product you need to package, we will work with you to find the best solution. Contact our team of experts at Project Central to get started today.