Emmerson Packaging’s 6 1/2 Initiatives That Support Supply Chain Sustainability

Helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals is something we’re proud of at Emmerson Packaging. You can feel great about the impact you’re making by choosing sustainable packaging for your products, and your eco-friendly consumers will appreciate your support of green practises at all levels of your supply-chain. Not only do we provide customers with environmentally-friendly products like SmartPack™ and SmartPack-BDG™, we were the first flexible packaging company in North America to achieve the ISO-14001 environmental management designation.

Emmerson Packaging’s commitment to environmental protection is deeply ingrained in all that we do, and we’re continuously implementing initiatives that showcase our commitment to supply chain sustainability in all departments. As we head into the summer months, join us in celebrating some of our sustainability achievements from the past year:

  1. Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Partnership Re-certification – In April, Emmerson Packaging was re-certified as a member of the SGP partnership.Read read more about SGP and what they do to help us save energy and reduce waste in our facilities.
  2. Tracking Transportation – Our Logistics department tracks the metric $/lb on transportation for all shipments. For the last year we have been at or below our planned scorecard metric!
  3. Compressed Air Correction – Compressed air is used by virtually all of our production equipment, and is one of our largest energy uses. Last year, we conducted a compressed air leak study, and made over 85% of the repairs and adjustments recommended within the study. This has resulted in considerable savings of resources.
  4. Cooling Without Domestic Water – Reducing water usage in our production facilities is something the Engineering department has been working toward for many years. In the past year, our water rates have reached the lowest levels we have ever measured, due to efforts made that help eliminate any use of domestic water for cooling purposes.
  5. Pick Up The Park Challenge – Just in time for Earth Day, Emmerson Packaging participated in an employee-led challenge to pick up litter in Amherst Industrial Park. By engaging neighbouring businesses to get in on the action, we collectively gathered just shy of 2000 lbs of litter in our community.
  6. Reuse of 6”Cores – Emmerson Packaging uses tube cores to wind flexible packaging materials for our customers after they’re extruded. While most customers request 3” tubes, internally, we work with ones that are 6”. This can sometimes cause a short usage cycle of the larger cores. To ensure that the 6” cores are being reused properly, and not sent out for recycling until they’d exhausted their useful life, a core tracking and monitoring system was put in place.
  • 6.5 Paperless Payroll – The Human Resources department switched employee pay stubs from paper to electronic methods. This change reduces courier transport requirements between the payroll provider and Emmerson Packaging offices, not to mention saving trees at the same time!

Learn more about how Emmerson Packaging is continuously identifying opportunities to minimize our environmental impact.