MicroPack™ microwavable packaging

The ultimate in convenient frozen food packaging.

Increased convenience equals increased perceived value, no matter your product offering. While “TV Dinners” revolutionized the food industry in the 1950s, today’s health-conscious consumer will reach for a product with higher nutritional value, but equal convenience.


Emmerson Packaging’s innovative MicroPack™ allows frozen vegetables to be quickly and safely steam cooked in a microwave, without having to remove them from the package. It provides a fast, easy way to enjoy perfectly prepared, nutrient-rich vegetables in a matter of minutes—a massive advantage for your busy, health-conscious consumer.

Take advantage of this growing opportunity with Emmerson Packaging’s innovation, expertise, and experience in microwavable packaging, without refitting or modifying your existing packaging equipment. Our MicroPack™ runs efficiently on conventional packaging machinery and can be printed with high-impact graphics for retail display.

Preparing and serving and, most importantly, selling frozen foods is easier than ever before.

Additional information about MicroPack™

MicroPack™ features and benefits:

  • MicroPack™ is available in various sizes.
  • MicroPack™ uses high-quality film, allowing for fast run speeds, strong seal areas, and high-impact graphics.
  • MicroPack™ film allows for high-gloss printing and is heat resistant, meaning it will not stretch, distort, or melt when sealing.
  • MicroPack™ has been rigorously tested by Rutgers University Food Science Lab in accordance with FDA guidelines, and has surpassed all minimum standards requirements.
  • Emmerson Packaging performs regular analysis in its internal research laboratory to continuously improve MicroPack™ and test new applications.
  • MicroPack™ uses amine-free adhesive, providing customers with a safer product.
  • MicroPack™ allows customers to tailor the location, size, and frequency of the steam vents to the package application and cooking requirements of the contents.