Sustainable packaging is just the beginning.

We’re committed to our green operations.

Cleaner air. Less waste. Smarter energy usage. It’s something we all strive for.

We’re deeply committed to (and have been recognized for) our sustainable initiatives and minimizing our environmental footprint. Your eco-conscious consumers will appreciate the support of green practices from the top down, and you can feel great about the impact you’re making by choosing sustainable packaging.

In partnership with our clients, Emmerson Packaging’s R&D department is continuously developing innovative new packaging solutions in recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable packaging.

Since the year 2000, per foot shipped, Emmerson Packaging has:

  • Reduced our residual solid waste by 87%
  • Lowered our water usage more than 78%
  • Reduced electricity usage by 41%
  • Reduced VOC emissions by over 55%
  • Become a certified SGP Printer