Frozen vegetable packaging solutions

A fresh approach to increasing profits.

Consumers are more health-conscious than ever—capture their attention on a crowded shelf with eye-grabbing graphics and innovative packaging design. Stand-up pouches, pillow packs, and MicroPack™ from Emmerson Packaging feed their hunger for full flavour and nutritional value, while keeping margins high.

The average consumer is time-crunched, so microwaveable MicroPack™ solutions add incredible shelf appeal with the promise of fast, convenient cooking.

All of Emmerson Packaging’s frozen vegetable packaging options enable you to deliver high impact, vibrant graphics which immediately convey the fresh-picked, healthy choice message to your consumer.

Frozen vegetable solutions from Emmerson Packaging are:

  • Efficient to manufacture
  • Lighter for transport
  • Very high impact, using vibrant graphics (learn more)
  • Compact, making the most of freezer space
  • Convenient, using resealable, reusable, and microwaveable packaging (learn more)
  • Proven to deliver bigger margins in the frozen vegetable market
  • Available in sustainable, environmentally responsible formats (learn more)