Frozen meat & seafood packaging solutions

Reel in the freshness with innovative packaging.

Emmerson Packaging offers eye-catching, innovative, freshness-preserving flexible packaging solutions for an extensive range of meat and seafood products. Our high quality laminations on stand-up pouches and pillow packs make your delicious product more appealing than ever.

It’s all about taste and trust!
Your packaging must convey the promise of safety and 100% satisfaction. From haddock and chicken to premium pork and steak, Emmerson Packaging can help you create high impact, vibrant graphics that effectively communicate the story of a fresh product that’s ready-to-serve.

Make your premium product fly off the shelf. Consumers’ tastes are becoming more adventurous with a growing appetite for exciting new options. Keep them coming back for seconds with Emmerson Packaging’s innovative frozen meat and seafood packaging.

Packaging solutions from Emmerson Packaging are:

  • Efficiently manufactured
  • Lighter to transport
  • Very high impact, using vibrant graphics (learn more)
  • Compact, optimizing your freezer space
  • Convenient for the consumer, using resealable and reusable packaging
  • Proven to create higher margins in the frozen protein market
  • Environmentally friendly, with green options available to meet your sustainability objectives (learn more)