Potato and french fry packaging solutions

Shelf impact beyond the pillow pack.

Emmerson Packaging’s flexible packaging options for potatoes prove you can elevate the everyday french fry to a whole new art form. Enhance customer experience and plump up your margins with french fry packaging innovation.

From shoestring fries to gourmet specialty roast potatoes, Emmerson Packaging’s high quality laminations on stand-up pouches and pillow packs communicate an appetizing adventure and tempt impulse purchasers.

We have the extensive experience in the food industry you require, and we’re dedicated to the high standards that SQF level 2 requires every step of the way.

Take the potato to new heights (and record margins) with Emmerson Packaging’s innovation in potato and french fry packaging.

Potato packaging solutions from Emmerson Packaging are:

  • More efficient to manufacture
  • Lighter, making transport easier
  • High shelf impact, with vibrant graphics (learn more)
  • Compact, optimizing limited freezer space
  • Convenient, using reusable, resealable, and microwave-safe packaging (learn more)
  • Proven to deliver higher margins in the potato market
  • Available in environmentally friendly and sustainable formats (learn more)

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