What is ‘green’?

It’s a word that is thrown around by suppliers, it’s a word that we hear customers want, but WHAT is it? A new trend we are seeing in 2018 in regards to pet food is transparency. Customers are demanding transparency not only on where their pet food ingredients come from but their packaging too.

SGP is a non-profit third party, who validates the sustainability efforts of facilities that have met rigorous standards of criteria based on the industry standard. Before SGP there was no boundaries set as to what sustainable printing was, meaning a lack of transparency, allowing any company to claim they are ‘Green’. A lot of companies claim to offer ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ options, so why are only 3.6% of flexographic printers in the US and Canada SGP credited?

As the first SGP accredited flexographic graphic printing company in Canada, the 6th in North America, we can help you differentiate yourself in a crowded market place. Helping our clients achieve sustainability goals for their customers is something we’re proud of at Emmerson Packaging. You can feel great about the impact you’re making by choosing sustainable packaging for your products, and your eco-conscious consumers will appreciate your support of green practices at all levels of your supply chain. Let us help you increase your transparency and stand out amongst the competition by incorporating the SGP logo on to your packaging – at absolutely no extra cost! To find out more around SGP take a peek at their website sgppartnership.org