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Packaging solutions are in the bag

From R&D to distribution, we have the answers you need.

The many successful partnerships we’ve built over the past 60 years have taught us that on time and on budget delivery are the cornerstones of building your trust and satisfaction. Top quality and fast turnaround are our guiding principles, and each department of Emmerson Packaging works in perfect unison to bring your project from concept to execution as quickly, smoothly, and beautifully as possible.

When your packaging needs change quickly, we change with you. Whatever you require assistance with—product planning, research and development, packaging design, or shipping and distribution—we’re here to provide complete packaging solutions, just as we have been since 1956.

Emmerson Packaging has an unwavering dedication to providing a level of service that lives up to (and surpasses) your expectations. We’ll dig deep to find out where you are today and where you want to go. Then, we’ll introduce you to Project Central, who will make sure you get there on time, on budget, and totally satisfied.


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Every successful project begins with an in-depth and no-obligation discovery call with our business development team. From there, we’ll find the best solution for your product and your brand at large. We’re focused on helping our customers grow and succeed, so let’s talk about your goals and get started.

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