Award-winning SmartPack™ innovation

Excellent machinability, excellent sustainability.

Emmerson Packaging’s SmartPack™ technology is an innovative, award-winning process that gives the aesthetics of a lamination with only one substrate.

While bottom-gusseted stand-up pouches have gained immense popularity in the frozen food market, environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging options have been few and far between. We’ve developed a process that gives your packaging the premium look and performance your brand deserves, while allowing it to be recycled at the end of your product’s life.


SmartPack™ sustainable packaging utilizes energy-curing technology, reducing the number of films required for a given package. This process represents a significant breakthrough in packaging reduction and sustainability.

With SmartPack™, a package that once carried recycle symbol #7 now has a #2 rating, meaning millions of packages each year can be diverted from landfill into the recycling stream.

SmartPack™ has been recognized as an industry best in packaging, including an Excellence in Print award from the Flexographic Technological Association.

For biodegradable packaging options, click here to learn about SmartPack–BDG™.