Taking sustainable packaging a step further with SmartPack–BDG™

Stand out on the shelf, blend in with nature.

We’ve taken eco-friendly and sustainable packaging to new heights (and new depths) with SmartPack–BDG™.

You no longer need to choose between traditional packaging formats and a smaller environmental footprint. SmartPack–BDG™ offers comparable machinability and shelf life you expect from a regular polyethylene package.

Emmerson Packaging’s innovative processes allow consumers to dispose of SmartPack–BDG™ in their regular garbage. The package will then biodegrade in the landfill, leaving behind biomass and methane gas.

SmartPack-BDG™ is also fully recyclable, so consumers have the choice of entering it into the recycling stream rather than allowing it to biodegrade in a landfill.

Many municipalities across North America and Europe are benefitting from biodegradation in landfills. Captured methane gas can be sold to power and natural gas suppliers for alternative energy use.

SmartPack–BDG™ has been tested and validated against ASTM D5511.