Rethermalization Pouch

Every second counts in the restaurant industry, which is why chefs depend on Rethermalization Pouches to save precious time.

At home or in a restaurant, the simple 3 step cooking process allows the cook to focus their energy on other tasks and complete a full meal within a fraction of the time.

The Rethermalization Pouch is a form of sealed flexible packaging where the contents can be safely heated or cooked by placing the pouch in boiling water.

Key Features

  • FDA Approved for food contact
  • No negative impacts on flavor or aroma quality of foods stored or cooked therein.
  • Dioxin and BPA free
  • Can be frozen, boiled or refrigerated
  • Designed for daily use by both commercial and consumer use
  • Heavy-duty side seams hold up to long boiling times
  • High puncture resistance
  • Simple 3 step process: 1. Heat 2. Open 3. Pour.