Biodegradable, shelf stable, Earth-safe pet food packaging

Sustainable innovation for a healthier pet and a healthier planet.

Here’s the thing about animal lovers—they tend to love all animals, not just their own. Emmerson Packaging is committed to reducing our environmental footprint, and your customers appreciate that kind of consideration from the top down.

Our innovative PetPack-BDG™ is completely biodegradable, and completely shelf-stable. Active landfills have unique conditions which trigger the breakdown of the bag. Retail shelves and consumers’ homes do not. Even moist or wet pet food is safe in PetPack-BDG™.

When consumers are finished with the PetPack-BDG™, they simply put it in with their regular garbage. Once it reaches the landfill, the biodegradation process begins, leaving behind biomass and methane gas, a source of clean energy.

Additional information about PetPack-BDG™

  • PetPack-BDG™ has been tested according to ASTM D5511.
  • PetPack-BDG™ has been created from materials known to be truly biodegradable, leaving behind humus (biomass) and methane gas.
  • No toxic material is known to be an off-product of the biodegradation process of PetPack-BDG™.
  • PetPack-BDG™ will  not break down regardless of contents unless it is in an environment comparable to an active landfill.
  • PetPack-BDG™ has been tested for palatability by a third party. It was determined that there is no significant difference in palatability between PetPack-BDG™ and a comparable nonbiodegradable lamination package.
  • PetPack-BDG™ is not recyclable. If recyclability is important to you, we offer a recyclable line and a biodegradable-recyclable line.