Complete packaging distribution solutions

Getting your product from point A to point B—and beyond.

The past 60 years have seen incredible changes in the world of commerce. While our technologies and processes have changed with (or ahead of) the times, the end result is the same—a real, physical product in your customers’ hands. Delivering complete satisfaction doesn’t end when your final product rolls off the line. We’ll help you get it to where it needs to be easily, on budget, and on time.

Emmerson Packaging engages a network of companies throughout Canada and the continental US, so your shipment is rarely more than a day away. We have centers strategically located throughout your marketplace, earning us a solid reputation for efficient, timely product and packaging distribution and fast, flexible solutions in response to changing market conditions.

Whether your product is berries picked in California or scallops caught off the coast of Nova Scotia, we can get them to where your consumers live with our sophisticated product distribution capabilities.

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