HD Printing the Secret to Award Success

Each year that passes, we here at PolyCello get more excited to keep our award winning streak alive.  This week we are celebrating our fifteenth printing excellence award in 9 years!

Each year hundreds of samples are submitted to the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) to compete for printing excellence awards.  This year, an HD printed package won PolyCello a bronze in the mid web, line category.  The judges commented on the quality of the printed package when compared to the target proof saying, “Well executed in a challenging configuration.  Great registration.”  So how’d we do it?

The challenging configuration was due in part to a UPC barcode that was smaller than industry standards.  The customer did not want to sacrifice design space for the UPC.  UPC barcodes must print to a very specific standard to be readable to store scanners.

With a traditional flexographic dot there is a slight excess of ink due to the pressure applies to the plates during the printing process leaving a halo effect.  HD flexographic dots use a flat-top with microcell technology to print without leaving any excess behind, making for cleaner edges.

To make the UPC barcode readable at a smaller than industry standard magnification (65%), the pre-press team decided HD printing was the only way to go to ensure the customer’s success with the desired design.  Click here for an image comparing UPC barcodes.

Having the customer on-site for press approvals for the first run allowed the printing team to produce a package the customer loved and now, a package we can recognize as an award winner.

Pictured below, members of our printing and pre-press teams and the award winning package:

FTA winning team


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