Stand up pouches and bags

The intersection of customer impact and convenience, built for your brand.

Consumer expectations of convenience and performance have changed. Stand up pouches are no longer a new trend in flexible packaging—they’re the new standard for maximum shelf impact and consumer appeal.
Whatever you’re packaging, Emmerson Packaging’s high quality stand up pouches put a spotlight on your premium product, offering greater on-shelf impact by displaying more of what you sell.

  • Emmerson Packaging’s stand up pouches are immediately eye-catching.
  • They deliver increased versatility, handling both liquid and solid contents.
  • They provide the ability to tailor barrier performance to the product and filling technology.
  • They can be fitted with a wide variety of tamper-evident and resealable closures, offering maximum security and convenience to the consumer.

To appeal to the environmentally conscious consumer, read more about our SmartPack™ technology, available in stand up pouch format.